AITP-NCFL July 2020 Presentation:

Manage Your Change
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For our July 2020 meeting we are delighted to host Don Pezet of ITProTV as he presents "Manage Your Change Control Process with Git".

The presentation will start Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 6 PM via Zoom meeting (ID number 976 0937 0079).

There is no charge to attend this presentation, but reservations are requested. To reserve your spot, click the green button or go to today!

Manage Your Change Control Process with Git

Change Control is an important part of maintaining stability and security in any IT project. Agile, CI/CD, and other fast-paced development methodologies make it all too easy to sneak unauthorized changes into your production environment.

In this talk, Don Pezet will demonstrate how you can integrate Git into your change control process in order to manage modifications to your code base. Topics covered will include:
  • Using Git "pull requests" to submit changes for approval
  • Example change control documentation
  • Approving/Rejecting changes with Git
  • Auditing change history
  • Rolling back failed changes
Don will also explain how to evaluate whether Git would be suitable for use throughout your IT service management life cycle, or would be better limited to your project management life cycle.

Questions will be welcome throughout the talk in addition to a dedicated Q&A session at the end.

About the Speaker

Don has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years and has been delivering IT training off-and-on for the last 15. Don is certified by many vendors including CompTIA, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, LPI, and Cisco.

Don got his start as a field tech for an MSP and has gradually moved up through positions as a network engineer, sysadmin and project manager in the financial and insurance industries before settling in to his current role as Co-founder and Edutainer at ITProTV.
Photo of March 2020 speaker

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