AITP-NCFL March 2019:
Mike Herchel on
"A Web Performance Clinic Deep Dive"

For the March 2019 meeting of AITP-NCFL, we are happy to host Mike Herchel of Lullabot presenting, "Web Performance Clinic Deep Dive".

The meeting will take place Tuesday, March 26, 2019, from 6 to 8 PM, at the ITProTV campus, 7525 NW 4th Blvd in Gainesville.

There is no charge to attend this presentation. To reserve your spot, click the green button or go to today!

"Web Performance Clinic Deep Dive"

We all know that your website's performance is critical to the success of its mission. Conversion rates are proven to plummet with with every second of page load time.

What can we do about this? Why is the web still slow in 2019?

In this session, we're going deep into modern web performance, and you will learn how to identify and fix performance bottlenecks in your website / webapp through topics such as:
  • What Web performance metrics I should be measuring and how? Which are the most important?
  • How do I optimize my site for each of these web performance metrics?
  • How do browsers render web pages, and how can I use this knowledge to optimize the loading experience?
  • What is the "critical path", and how do I account for this?
  • What is the JavaScript main thread? How can I optimize for this?
  • How can I identify, profile, and optimize for third party scripts?

In order to get the most out of this session, we suggest attendees
  1. have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,
  2. have a basic understanding of browser-based developer tools, and
  3. find slow websites extremely annoying.

About the Speaker

Mike Herchel is a senior front-end web developer at Lullabot and has worked on prominent projects such as the Syfy network, SpaceX, Principal Financial, and more. Mike has been passionate about web development since creating his first website in 2001.

Outside of the digital world, Mike loves everything outdoors including hiking, fishing, kayaking, college football, and hammocking. He owns an awesome telescope that's over 30 years old and uses it as much as Florida's swampy weather will let him.
Photo of March 2019 speaker

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