AITP-NCFL News, April 7, 2021

Stranger than Fiction Bleeping Computer:  Windows XP makes ransomware gangs work harder for their money Mainichi:  Cosmic rays causing 30,000 network malfunctions in Japan each year ZDNet:   Samsung is repurposing older Galaxy phones as eye care devices Security Motherboard:  Congress Says Foreign Intel Services Could Abuse Ad Networks for Spying Skill Sets Phoronix:  Google Begins Allowing Rust Code For Developing Android ZDNet:  What is low-code and no-code? A guide to development platforms Industry News ZDNet:  This new 'Big Tech' watchdog says it will stop Google and Facebook crowding out the competition The Register:  IBM creates…

AITP-NCFL News, April 6, 2021

Productivity Harvard Business Review:  Make Time for “Me Time” Tech Republic:  Over half of CIOs plan to increase full-time IT staff to accelerate digital initiatives Enterprisers Project:  CIO role: 5 ways to delegate more Robert Half:   Returning to the Office Skill Sets Nvidia:  Nvidia GTC Conference on AI and Accelerated Computing starts April 12-- free to attend CompTIA:   What Is the Dark Web? A Brief Primer Security Axios:  Tampa Bay leads the way on blockchain Tech Republic:  How the quick shift to the cloud has led to more security risks

AITP-NCFL News, April 5, 2021

Security Bleeping Computer:  How to check if your info was exposed in the Facebook data leak IDG Insider Pro:  What is homomorphic encryption, and why should you care? Venture Beat:  IBM bets homomorphic encryption is ready to deliver stronger data security for early adopters Bleeping Computer:  Most loved programming language Rust sparks privacy concerns Cool Tech TechRepublic:  Fedora 34 beta is available, and it's a game-changer for the Linux desktop Make Tech Easier:  6 Useful Tools to Help You Identify Fonts in Images Productivity ZDNet:  Five Windows 10 features you really should be using c|net: …

AITP-NCFL News, April 3, 2021

Cool Tech engadget:   MIT researchers use radio waves to help robots find hidden objects The Register:  Cross-platform Windows Presentation Framework, anyone? The short answer: yes. Unpacking Avalonia Security ZDNet:  VPNs, two-factor-authentication and more: Keeping your data safe from hackers while working from home ZDNet:  Phishing: These are the most common techniques used to attack your PC Productivity Information Week:  New Storage Trends Promise to Help Enterprises Handle a Data Avalanche Tech Republic:  Low-code app development: How Microsoft's Power Fx language is evolving Weekend Fun arsTechnica:  The Emoji Story: You should never have this much fun…

AITP-NCFL News, April 2, 2021

Security Bleeping Computer:  MacKenzie Scott Grant scam more widespread than initially thought The Register:  Android, iOS beam telemetry to Google, Apple even when you tell them not to – study Bleeping Computer:  US DOJ: Phishing attacks use vaccine surveys to steal personal info Cool Tech TechCrunch:  ILM shows off the new Stagecraft LED wall used for season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ The Next Platform:   Improving Surgical Precision with Augmented Reality The Register:  Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code to run on Raspberry Pi OS Skill Sets Tech Republic:   Data literacy: Time to cure data phobia Stranger…

AITP-NCFL News, April 1, 2021

Productivity NN/g:  Users Love Change: Combatting a UX Myth ZDNet:  The future of work: Tools and strategies for the digital workplace CIO:  Top 20 project management methodologies Tech Republic:  5 key strategies to decide which projects to scrap or keep Security Bleeping Computer:  CISA gives federal agencies 5 days to find hacked Exchange servers Skill Sets Red Hat:  6 OpenSSL command options that every sysadmin should know Make Tech Easier:  What Is a Non-Fungible Token?

AITP-NCFL News, March 31, 2021

Local News Gainesville R Users Group meeting Tuesday, April 6:  Making a Website Using R Security Bleeping Computer:  Fake jQuery files infect WordPress sites with malware The Record:  Google collects 20 times more telemetry from Android devices than Apple from iOS Tech Republic:  Don't use baseball team names in your passwords Productivity CIO:  The ‘why’ of digital transformation is the key to unlocking value Tech Republic:  Employee engagement is up, but CXOs still don't act on staff feedback National News Fortune:  Programming language experts win 2021 Turing Award Tech Crunch:  Facebook denies its algorithms are…

AITP-NCFL News, March 30, 2021

Cool Tech Interesting Engineering:   'Rectenna' Harvests Electromagnetic Energy From 5G Signals ZDNet:  Data, analytics, machine learning, and AI in healthcare in 2021 Tech Crunch:   Virgin Galactic debuts its first third-generation spaceship, ‘VSS Imagine’ ZDNet:  Quantum computing: IBM's first private sector on-premise quantum computer is going to this research lab Skill Sets ZDNet:  Databases, graphs, and GraphQL: The past, present, and future Productivity Information Week:  Why IT Roles Are Broadening Tech Republic:  Windows Server 2022: These are the big changes that Microsoft has planned Make Tech Easier:  7 Ways to Speed up Ubuntu

AITP-NCFL News, March 29, 2021

Productivity Shekhar Gulati:  Questions To Ask When Choosing a Programming Language Sourcery:  Python concurrency:  A lunchtime story to demonstrate threading, asyncio, multiprocessing & cloud functions Security CIO:  Knowing where the line is in IT risk management Krebs On Security:  No, I Did Not Hack Your MS Exchange Server Cool Tech Phoronix:  Box86 Continues Quest For Running x86 Linux Programs On ARM, Other Archs Linuxize:  How to Install and Configure VNC on Ubuntu 20.04 Stranger than Fiction NBC News:   Former prisoners struggle to re-enter society. What happens when society moves online?

AITP-NCFL News, March 27, 2021

Skill Sets CompTIA:  How Business Communication and Collaboration Skills Can Advance Your IT Career Xmodulo:  Natural language processing with Python Industry News Tech Republic:  Coding is now the fastest-growing profession. But it's not all good news Productivity Tech Republic:  Why your company needs a chief data officer