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AITP-NCFL News, February 4, 2022

Security Krebs On Security:  How Phishers Are Slinking Their Links Into LinkedIn maketecheasier:  Do I Need Antivirus Software If I Have Windows Defender? Productivity ComputerWorld:  On building a better briefing CIO: A tsunami of IT project disasters is on the horizon Javascript In Plain English:  3 Good Habits for 15 Minutes a Day Could Change…
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AITP-NCFL News, February 2, 2022

Security BleepingComputer:  SEO poisoning pushes malware-laced Zoom, TeamViewer, Visual Studio installers TechRepublic:  Kaspersky stopped more than 30,000 attempts to use the Log4Shell exploit in January BleepingComputer:  Microsoft Defender now detects Android and iOS vulnerabilities Productivity CIO:  Making a difference: IT leaders uplift their communities InformationWeek: How IT Managers Can Retain Talent in Today’s Job Market…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 31, 2022

Security Bleeping Computer:  Researchers use GPU fingerprinting to track users online Bleeping Computer:  Windows vulnerability with new public exploits lets you become admin Krebs On Security:  Who Wrote the ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Strain? Productivity DZone:  Nemo – The Ubuntu File Manager You Didn’t Know You Needed Robert Half:  Strengthening Corporate Culture in the Age of Remote…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 28, 2022

Security BleepingComputer:  Hackers are taking over CEO accounts with rogue OAuth apps ZDNet: BlackCat ransomware targeting US, European retail, construction and transportation orgs Krebs On Security:  Who Wrote the ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Strain? TechRepublic:  Data Privacy Day: Security experts’ tips for 2022 Productivity InfoWorld:  Slashing time to insight with unified data analytics Skill Sets ZDNet:  Employers…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 26, 2022

Security Bleeping Computer:  Let’s Encrypt is revoking lots of SSL certificates in two days Bleeping Computer:  Linux system service bug gives root on all major distros, exploit released Productivity CIO:  MassMutual’s Gareth Ross: The hardest work of analytics “sits around the edges” JavaScript In Plain English:  What Do Highly Effective Programmers Look Like? Skill Sets…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 24, 2022

Security Bleeping Computer: Over 90 WordPress themes, plugins backdoored in supply chain attack betanews:   Governing the ungovernable: Why cybersecurity must adapt to identity sprawl Productivity Computerworld:  16 ways to speed up Windows 10 Javascript In Plain English:  Top 10 JavaScript Animation Libraries Skill Sets CIO:  What is data architecture? A framework for managing data Robert…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 20, 2022

Security BleepingComputer:  Red Cross cyberattack exposes data of 515,000 people seeking missing family 9to5linux:  New Linux Kernel Vulnerability Patched in All Supported Ubuntu Systems, Update Now BleepingComputer:  CISA urges US orgs to prepare for data-wiping cyberattacks BleepingComputer:  Office 365 phishing attack impersonates the US Department of Labor Productivity CIO:  Ericsson’s Tony Caesar: It’s not about…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 18, 2022

Security BleepingComputer:  Microsoft releases emergency fixes for Windows Server, VPN bugs Productivity CIO:  8 top priorities for CIOs in 2022 DZone:  Top 5 Python Frameworks, Libraries, and Packages for Web Development Robert Half:  5 Key Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers InfoWorld:  A new kind of old-school testing Skill Sets Red Hat:  3 tools for troubleshooting…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 14, 2022

Security BleepingComputer:  Microsoft pulls new Windows Server updates due to critical bugs Productivity BleepingComputer:  Android users can now disable 2G to block Stingray attacks DZone:  8 Top Metrics for Measuring Your Technical Debt in 2022 CIO:  The savvy CIO’s secret weapon: Your IT team CIO:  7 ways to breathe new life into your IT leadership…
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AITP-NCFL News, January 10, 2022

Security BleepingComputer:  SonicWall: Y2K22 bug hits Email Security, firewall products TechRepublic:  URL parsing: A ticking time bomb of security exploits Productivity ZDNet:  The IT skills gap is getting worse. Here are 10 ways you can avoid a crisis Javascript In Plain English:  7 Things Developers Can do When They Feel Stuck Skill Sets CIO:  CIO…
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