AITP-NCFL News, May 28, 2021

AITP-NCFL News, May 28, 2021


  • ZDNet:  Have I been Pwned goes open source
  • The Register:  Unfixable Apple M1 chip bug enables cross-process chatter, breaking OS security model

Industry News

  • ZDNet:  GDPR: EU privacy watchdog probing the use of AWS and Azure cloud services
  • ars technica:  Google Photos wants money: Stricter storage limitations kick in next week
  • The Register:  Desktop renaissance? Nope, rebound of hefty PCs is just because there’s notebook shortage – analysts
  • Tech Republic:  Programming languages: Python’s growth is “absolutely explosive,” says Anaconda CEO, and not slowing down

Skill Sets

  • Information Week:  How Enterprises are Evolving Their NLP
  • 2DayGeek:  How to configure ACL (Access Control Lists) in Linux
  • Make Tech Easier:  How to Get a List of All Software Installed on a Windows System
  • Tech Republic:  13 tech job sites make it easy to find a new job whether you want to work from home or not

Friday Fun

  • VentureBeat:  Epic Games launches Unreal Engine 5 early access, shows massive 3D scenes
  • ComputerWorld:  At Microsoft Build, a tech demo reborn as a sitcom