AITP-NCFL News, June 10, 2021

AITP-NCFL News, June 10, 2021

Cool Tech

  • The Verge:  The Vivaldi browser now has mail, calendar, and an RSS reader built-in
  • ComputerWorld:  Microsoft’s plan to remake Windows — what that might mean
  • Axios:  How one company wants to train surgeons using virtual reality


  • ZDNet:  This is how fast a password leaked on the web will be tested out by hackers
  • TechRepublic:  Security company makes “unbreakable encryption” available via the cloud and APIs
  • Information/Age:  New identities are creating opportunities for attackers across the enterprise

Skill Sets

  • InformationWeek:  Machine Learning Basics Everyone Should Know
  • Make Tech Easier:  Things You Need to Know When Buying Ethernet Cables
  • TechRepublic:  6 ways to make your Word documents more accessible using TTS readers, captions, links and more
  • InfoWorld:  Learn the new pipe operator built into R 4.1 and how it differs from the maggritr pipe.