AITP-NCFL News, April 20, 2021

AITP-NCFL News, April 20, 2021

Chapter News

  • Next Chapter Presentation:  Chris Ward of ITProTV on “10 Priorities for Remote Team Management in a Work-from-Home World”.  Tuesday, April 27


  • ZDNet:  Multi-factor authentication: Use it for all the people that access your network, all the time

Skill Sets

  • Red Hat:  Technical Evaluations: 6 questions to ask yourself
  • CIO:  What is a PEST analysis? Preparing your business for external impacts
  • TecMint:  Learn Classes of Network IP Addressing Range

Cool Tech

  • phoronix:  AMD Proposing Redesign For How Linux GPU Drivers Work – Explicit Fences Everywhere
  • Red Hat:  3 steps to identifying Linux system automation candidates
  • DevClass:  Visual Studio 2022 will be 64-bit, support .NET 6 and C++20

Stranger than Fiction

  • ZDNet:   Famed “snakebot” can now swim