AITP-NCFL News, January 28, 2022

AITP-NCFL News, January 28, 2022


  • BleepingComputer:  Hackers are taking over CEO accounts with rogue OAuth apps
  • ZDNet: BlackCat ransomware targeting US, European retail, construction and transportation orgs
  • Krebs On Security:  Who Wrote the ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Strain?
  • TechRepublic:  Data Privacy Day: Security experts’ tips for 2022


  • InfoWorld:  Slashing time to insight with unified data analytics

Skill Sets

  • ZDNet:  Employers are desperate for data scientists as demand booms
  • DZone:  ER Diagrams vs. ER Models vs. Relational Schemas
  • InfoWorld:  What is neural architecture search? AutoML for deep learning

Stranger than Fiction

  • PocketLint:  27 weird and wonderful life-changing technologies from around the world

Industry News

  • Red Hat:  Top tech conferences for sysadmins in 2022
  • InfoWorld:  Enterprise data centers won’t really go away

Cool Tech

  • ExtremeTech:  This ‘Minimum Viable Computer’ Could Cost Just $15