AITP-NCFL News, January 4, 2022

AITP-NCFL News, January 4, 2022


  • InformationWeek:  5 Cyber Resilience Lessons We Re-Learned in 2021 (But Will Probably Forget)
  • DZone:  Why Assessing Security Risk in Compute Lifecycle Development Should Be a Community Effort


  • ars technica:  Microsoft fixes harebrained Y2K22 Exchange bug that disrupted email worldwide
  • ComputerWorld:  How to bookmark Safari Tab groups (and other bookmark tips)
  • TechRepublic:  A new release of Rescuezilla is here to help you recover your backed-up da

Skill Sets

  • DZone:  Data Pipeline Essentials: Strategies for Successful Deployment and Collecting Analytical Insights
  • Javascript In Plain English:  Full Stack Web Developer Roadmap 2022

Stranger than Fiction

  • ars technica:  The most important computer you’ve never heard of

Industry News

  • ZDNet:  End of a smartphone era as BlackBerry phones reach the end of the line
  • c|net:  Apple becomes world’s first $3 trillion company
  • InfoWorld:  Project Valhalla tees up Java object model improvements

Cool Tech

  • ars technica:  “Digitally unwrapping” Amenhotep I’s mummy shows pharaoh died around age 35
  • ExtremeTech:  The HDMI 2.1 Specification is Getting Updated, Again