AITP Code of Ethics

I acknowledge:

  • That I have an obligation to management,therefore, I shall promote the understanding of information processing methods and procedures to management using every resource at my command.
  • That I have an obligation to my fellow members,therefore, I shall uphold the high ideals of AITP as outlined in the Association Bylaws. Further, I shall cooperate with my fellow members and shall treat them with honesty and respect at all times.
  • That I have an obligation to societyand will participate to the best of my ability in the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the general development and understanding of information processing. Further, I shall not use knowledge of a confidential nature to further my personal interest, nor shall I violate the privacy and confidentiality of information entrusted to me or to which I may gain access.
  • That I have an obligation to my College or University,therefore, I shall uphold its ethical and moral principles.
  • That I have an obligation to my employer whose trust I hold,therefore, I shall endeavor to discharge this obligation to the best of my ability, to guard my employer’s interests, and to advise him or her wisely and honestly.
  • That I have an obligation to my country,therefore, in my personal, business, and social contacts, I shall uphold my nation and shall honor the chosen way of life of my fellow citizens.

I accept these obligations as a personal responsibility and as a member of this Association. I shall actively discharge these obligations and I dedicate myself to that end.